Piano Lessons

Lisa Veach, private vocal and piano teacher, enjoys teaching students of all ages, doing so for the last thirty years. She uses the Oregon Music Teacher’s Syllabus, a designed ten level progression of music theory for her piano students, along with various piano book series. These are selected according to the student’s age, learning style and their level of musical training. As the student progresses, music is added from venues they appreciate.  

Students come once a week, the same day and time, for a half hour lesson.  Lisa provides the various music books, which you purchase from her.  These are then the students’ books. You will need to purchase an inexpensive 8×11 inch spiral notebook.  Lisa will write their weekly assignments in it. 

Each week the students come and play the songs, scales, etc. that have been assigned them during the previous lesson and written in their assignment book.  If they have successfully mastered them, new songs and theory will be assigned.  Lisa and the student go over them so that they understand them and are able to practice them at home.  It is important to practice regularly (each song five times each day, five times a week) so that they can progress.

The lesson fee is to be paid on the first lesson of each month.  Lessons will be given each week, regardless of the number of weeks in each month.  Lessons will not be given during Christmas and Spring breaks.

If, due to illness, you are unable to make a lesson, please call Lisa in advance, preferably one day before your scheduled lesson.  (Sometimes people wake up sick.)  PLEASE DO NOT COME TO A LESSON IF YOU ARE SICK.  It passes the bug to the rest of the students.  Every effort will be made to make up that missed lesson.  Lessons that are forgotten, skipped, etc. will be forfeited.

Lisa plans two recitals each year for her student’s participation.  This helps develop their performance abilities, develop confidence, and gives others the chance to enjoy their advancement.  At both the Christmas and Spring recitals, the students select pieces they like and desire to perform.

Lisa accepts each student with their own strengths, challenges and learning styles.  She works to help them enjoy and learn the various musical concepts so that they can progress and develop their musicianship.

Lisa looks forward to working with you.  Feel free to call her with any questions at 541-665-1565.

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